Violin Competition

1st Edition of an international competition

Excelentia International Competition

The Excelentia Foundation is organising the 1st Edition of an international competition for the violin, viola and cello in Madrid (Spain). Our goal is to make this competition, with its different categories, a world-renown musical event with prestigious jury members from a wide variety of countries.

Excelentia International Competition is a completely independent contest  whose president, Javier Martí, also serves as the president for the Excelentia Foundation.

Our principle goal is to help young talents and support their international careers, allowing them to perform in world-class auditoriums, and foster contact between the winners and professionals from around the world. The winners will also be given membership to the exclusive Excelentia International Club, whose members include some of the best music professionals from all over the globe and can only be joined based on widely recognised merits at the international level.

This 1st Edition will include categories for violin, viola and cello and will take place during November of 2016.


Fundación Excelentia

The Excelentia Foundation is a private non-profit cultural organisation whose main goal is to disseminate and promote the new values of our lyrical heritage. It is constantly searching for ways to inspire the creation of all types of musical arts. For this reason, the Foundation supports initiatives which freely cultivate and strive for musical perfection. Among the fundamental activities carried out by the Foundation, we can find the organisation of concert series which take place in some of the most important concert halls and auditoriums.